Friday, December 28, 2012

We Are Not A Glum Lot

This 4 piece fronted by vocalist/guitarist Sam Erickson is from Colorado Springs and we thank them for making the trip to the station. Some element of their performance gave me chills (which doesn't happen too terribly often). Perhaps it is because this group is pretty young (half are seniors in high school and the other half, college freshman) and have a successful future of music making ahead of them. Or maybe it was the grandiose violin lines against hard riffs and mathy guitar licks that felt like some kind of different, anti-pop. With multiple influences that make for unexpected appearances in their song writing, this is a band to keep an eye on as they mature and come into their own.

We Are Not A Glum Lot opens for Sea Wolf at the Black Sheep in Colorado Spring January 24th.

Set List:

Velventeen Monster - Velventeen Monster
Attic Attack - The Silver Lining
Eye and the Arrow - Prophet's Home Town
Drunken Arrows - It's Polite 
FaceMan - Talk Talk Talk
Emmet Collins - Excite Me 
Calpso - Over and Over 
C.P. Carrington 
Rainbow Sugar - World's Most Exciting Ride 
Instant Empire - Keep Up! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

ScaTTer GaTHer

Go here  <--- and listen to ScaTHer GaTHer's album, Just Smile. But don't stay too devoted to its horns and quality streamline production. Live, this duo creates a different experience of raw jolted nervous rock that is a sure relief for listeners tired of the same ol' predictable things. 

And a very special thanks to Ned and Stuart of Ned Garthe for co-hosting the 4'clock hour.

Set List:

The Yawpers/Eldren - It's Christmas

Friends War - Achille Lauro
The Blue Rider - Way Out West
Action Friend - D6 Runs Dry
Candy Claws
Pit Vipers - Night Stroll
Ned Garthe - Someone in the Room (mix 666)
The Yawpers - Silicone Love
Kissing Party - Ways to Mickey
The Knew - Picnic
Dirty Few - Oh Yea! Oh No!
Colfax Speed Queen - Fiends in the Night
Night of Joy - Cool Runnings
Calypso - Over and Over
The River Drifters - Hell-Boulder in the Eden Tornado
Native Daughters - Private Sauce
C.P. Carrington - The Difference 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Land Lines

One of my favorites, I was extra excited for this performance (one that is completely unique to the record or prior performances!). Denver's Land Lines recently put out an LP and it is worth dozens n dozens of plays. Check it out here.

Cellos, vocals, drums....superior song crafting and mood setting. If I was a better writer I could tell you what it felt like in the 1190 station after Land Lines finished their set. It was some kind of magical / the best of feelings that only happens after something truly special happens.

Listen to their performance and interview and go to their record release show January 5th and the Mercury Cafe!


Set List:

Dirty Few - You Want Me
Love Me Destroyer - California Car, Colorado Car
Jonathan Alonzo - Coming Home for the Holiday
Thrifty Astronaut - Television Special
Rachael Pollard - Believe It or Not
The Broken Spoke - Talk of the Town
Breakfastes - Ageless
Neptune's Only Daughter - Auto Electric
Echo Beds - Totalitarian Guillotine
Force Publique - Ache
Candy Claws - Warm Forest Floor
Itchy-O - Orange Devil
Signal Path - Peso
Esme Patterson - Jessica

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Longest Day of the Year


The Longest Day of the Year is Americana the way Coloradans like it, good 'n' rowdy.  Listen up here: 

Set List: 

Elephant Revival - Raven Song
Anthony Ruptak - Resillusion
Patrick Dethlefs - Fall & Rise 
Tin Horn Prayer - Fire in the Jailhouse
Mesita - Hostages
Otem Rellik - Lifetime
Thrifty Astronaut - Television Special
Monofog - Small Black Box
SF1 - Permanent
Boulder Acoustic Society - Punchline
Slim Cessna's Autoclub - Shady Lane
Bad Weather California - Lost Her Innocence
The Outfit - Cavalier
Joy Subtraction - Investment Bankers Unite!
d.biddle - A Promise Never Broken
CougarPants - Stolen Honey
Foam Bullets - Deepwater
The Suffix Punch - Algorhythm
Warlock Pinchers - Dont Beep This Song The Radio 
These United States - Not Gone Tonight
Head for the Hills - TIme to Spare
Overcasters - Storm of Crows
Ideal Fathers - The Unberable Lightness of Being
Hot I.Q.'s - Firecracker
The Family Men - Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?  

Friday, November 30, 2012


Other than being one of the nicest groups of people I have encountered on the Shakedown, Denver's Varlet has more than a few things going for them.

First, Lilly Scott is one commanding songwriter and vocalist. With a set of distinguishable and powerful pipes she stomps on a wooden platform while performing and it is hard to look/listen away.

Second, her band mates play on a shit ton of gear that make up a sound that, when I first heard them live, thought it was prerecorded.

Third, there is really no point attaching genres to this group. They manage to blend it all into this:

Set List:

War Over Water - Lubbock
Monroe Monroe- The Salesman
The Emirs – The Shining Motor City (on the hill)
The Minders – Chatty Patty
Everything Absent or distorted – The Exit Parade
Black Black Ocean – Sigmund City
The Yawpers -  Rock Bottom 
200 Million Years - No Good News
The Maykit - East and West
Grant Sabin - Dreaming
The Gromet - Skip Your Stone
Goodbye Timebomb - What I Like Doing With My Time
Broken Tongues - Does Hip Hop Remember the Jazz 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tin Horn Prayer

Tin Horn Prayer's third LP Grapple the Rails is a win of a punk-folk-bluegrass combo that could only be birthed in Denver. Raw and high energy, this 6 piece brings a generous mix of instrumentation fronted by Andy Thomas' killer vocals. The following performance is stripped but you'll get a good idea of what they bring. 

Set List:

Elliot Baker - Babatunde Stardust (CC/NN remix)
Cceruleann - Future Wind
Men In Burka - Bismillah
Slow Magic - On Yr Side
Hills & Hollows - I Shouldn't Go
The Hollyfelds - 32nd Street
DeVotchka - All The Sand In All The Sea
Cougarpants - They NEver
Plastic Children - Acid Dreams
Lockbox - Parmenter Acid
Wire Faces - Cloak and Dagger
Rainbow Sugar - World's Most Exciting Ride
The Sleepers - Venice
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Cooper and Stars
Phonebooks - Cheree (SUICIDE cover)
Robin Walker - Teeth Rotting
Green Carpeted Stairs - My Regret
Fissure Mystic - Seasons Fly
Witch Doctor - Life Affirming Suicide Note
Widower - Black Out Bastard Sons
Hot White - Istswtd
Tin Horn Prayer - Call a Priest

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pledge Drive w/ The Knew and The Outfit

Members from the Knew and The Outfit helped us end our Fall 2012...which is sort of like a party which is why I don't have a set list.

But I do have that photo of our mascot. (yes, we used previously scratched vinyl).

Thank you The Knew and The Outfit - you all are the very best and congrats on your 2012 "Best Of" accomplishments and thanks for supporting the real deal college radio, Radio 1190!!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pledge Drive w/ Tom Murphy

If you are somehow reading this and don't know who Tom Murphy is.... Tom Murphy is a music writer for the Westword. He knows his shit, end of story. He is also in Pythian Whispers.

So many thanks to Tom for co-hosting with us during our Fall 2012 pledge drive and for this set list:

Rainbow sugar – if not love
Twice wilted – brighter
Bright channel – endless
The Fluid – Go Outside
Glass Delirium – diamond lullabies
Apples in Stero – Great there fine
The vss – I cut my teeth
Felt pilots – felt satisfied
Rock Todds – Dig that Hole
Born in the Flood – Low Flying Clouds 
The Reejers – death and taxes 
Fissure mystic – momochrome ***
Time –images of two dead spaneards
Space team electra – glitter galaxyI’m a boy – Angle The Chantepleur – like monsters Brezzy porticos – starry eyed
Vitamins – C street
Monofog – black lung
(love letter band old bad weather)
Bedroom people
Dyad – gemini terjectory chris stelle


Friday, October 26, 2012

Thee Dang Dangs

Reverb. Lovely, lovely reverb. Rebecca Williams fronts Denver's Thee Dang Dangs and recently put out a sweet little EP full of psych surf garge rock goodness selling well in Denver's record stores, supporting a fall west coast tour, and making 2012 best of lists.

Mark yur calendar - Thee Dang Dangs are billed on Austin's upcoming Psychedelic Light and Sound Festival and will be supporting Ty Segall at the Hi-Dive in February.

Check out their performance on the Shakedown and what this band does in 2013.


 Also on the show.....

Erin and Jeff of Ending People were Local Shakedown hosts back in the day and are now an integral part of the Denver music scene (Porlolo, Might Fine Productions, Cash Cow Production, d.biddle, Dust on the Breakers).

They have the talking part of DJing down more than yours truly.... it's fun, listen to us talk about Denver music: 


Friday, October 19, 2012

The Maykit

The Maykit was a second victim of an irretrievable Local Shakedown show. A chilling solo acoustic performance was lost but not forgotten. Listen to the recent release Over Water , a beautifully sadcore LP with a pleasant uncomfortableness much like it's artwork above. The Maykit (aka Max Winne) writes deliberate and personal pieces splashed with delicate sounds that make for a thoughtful and well produced album. The song writing and delivery flows with much effortlessness and intuitiveness... more people should pay attention to Winne's writing and record making abilities. This is good stuff.

Check back for another appearance from The Maykit this spring.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Instant Empire

This photo of Instant Empire makes it pretty difficult to think the band would be anything other than awesome. This summer they were featured in CMJ for their EP Heavy Hollow and can be found playing all over Denver (October 26th, Walnut Room - GO!). "Counting Backwards" is a hell of a song. Stream their performance and interview here. I REALLY LOVE THIS TOWN (and this band)

aaaand thanks to Oliver, Emmy, and Mia of the the band MegaGem for spending the first hour with us. Pick a household chore or drive to Denver while listening to this LP gem. Look at that artwork! The music is just as high of quality. Also, Mia is only 7 and the youngest guest ever on the Local Shakedown! Listen to us chat and hear songs from the album cause MEGAGEM IS THE COOLEST and check out a (partial) set list:

16 HorsePower – Prayering Arm Lane
Tin Tin – Holiday Misfortune
MegaGem – Onions
Pee-Pee Jaroline
Summer Salt – The Sun
Mega G - Don’t Call Me Romantic
Princess Music – White
Meg Gema - Mia’s Singalong
Horse Lattitudes - Wild Ballon 
MegaGem - Puddles 
Summer Salt  Heart Races 
Megagem - Creepy Fingers
EL Toro de la Muerte - Dancer 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bop Skizzum

Although this style of pop music is not normally featured on the Local Shakedown, Bop Skizzum is without a doubt loved by many in Colorado and we wanted to catch up with the band and talk about their music that at the end of the day puts a smile on your face and makes you dance.

Andy, Julie, and SF1 perform stripped down versions of songs from their new LP Coloradical and talks about their success, style, and what "Coloradical" means to them.


Set list: 

Youthandageia -  Molar
The Perry Weissman 3 – Hale- Bopp – A – Go-Go
Breezy Porticos -  Perfect Day (For a Yard Sale)
Marty Jones and His Pork Boilin Po Boys – Too Much Talk (Too Little Drinkin’)

The Outfit -  Washed Out
Sarina Simoom – To See Beauty
Mega Gem – Don’t Call Me Romantic
Rivulets – Past Life

ScaTTer GaTHer – The Devil Returns
Spell – Dixie
Marbles – Laughing

Lizzie Hoffman –
Elephant Revival – Go On
Fair Children – Garden Gate
Mariposa – Oil Spills

Landlines – Wreckage  
BoyHollow –
Tjutjuna – Desert Song
Fingers of the Sun – Close Your Eyes

Hearts in Space – Feel the Waves
Mariposa – Oil Spills 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bonnie and the Beard

photo by Gary Isaacs

I struggled with what to say when I went to write the post before. Everything about this band is just so great and original considering the roots of their sound. No one sounds like this crew. All OGs.

Creed (not that Creed) - Too Many People
Tommy Bolin – Teaser
In the Whale – Heels
Overcasters – Kiss of Sister Ray

Native Daughters – Summon Everest
Truckasaurus – Snoopy, Where’d You Go
Sour Boy Bitter Girl – Withdrawl

A.M. Pleasure Assassians – Singing Too Quiet
Thee Dang Dangs – Midnight Come Rolling

Sawmill Joe – Be Your Man
Strange Americans – Out on a Drift
Fellow Citizens – California Nights
Lil Slugger – Do the Rabid

Alan Alda – Alison
The Skeleton Show – White Buzzard
I Sank Molly Brown – Community College

You Bastard – Bob Marley
The Symptoms – Seatbelt for my Mustache
Varlet - Lady Lie

Cowhause – Opening
Sons of Armageddon – Ripe Watermelon
Noel Zancanella - Uno Impulso

Friday, September 21, 2012

Becca C. and Kate S.

I took the afternoon off to celebrate Amanda Fucking Palmer's arrival to Denver. Becca (host of Folk Yeah! and DJs M,W at 2pm) and Kate (Tuesdays 4-6pm) subbed my show. 

Here is their beautiful set list:

Gluons with Allen Ginsberg - Birdbrain - Local Anesthetic

Pictureplane - Slit Red Bird Throat - Slit Red Bird Throat
Fell - A Farewell to Echoes - A Farewell to Echoes
American Relay - Corn and Oil - Begin
Git Some - Loose Control - A Not So Subtle Reminder
FLASHLIGHTS - FLASHLIGHTS & Force Publique BPG Split Series Vol. 1 - New Hampshire
Tin Tin - S/T - Holiday Misfortune

Force Publique - FLASHLIGHTS & Force Publique BPG Split Series Vol. 1 - Distorted
and Thin
Navy Girls - Navy Girls - On The Beach
The Maybellines - A La Carte - Autumn, September
Prololo - Clinton and Elva - What Would This Be For?

TheSaurus - Fly - Kids Gather Round
StaG - Summerfoot Single
Ralph Gean - Electricity - A Star Unborn

You, Me and Apollo - The Devil Inside - Cards with Cheats
The Swayback - Waiting for my Man (The Velvet Underground cover) - Long Gone Lads
Caddywhompus - The Weight - The Weight

Dressy Bessy - Jenny Come On - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons
Hindershot - Forlough - Curse Us All
Laura Goldhamer and the Silvernail - Fall Often

The Symptoms - Rock/Paper/Scissors - Middle Finger Romance
Gauntlet Hair - Lights Out - S/T
The Fogcutters - It’s My World - Psychedelic States: Colorado in the 60’s
Flashbulb Fires - Sleep Money Dawn - Glory
Tennis - Petition - Young and Old

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A. Tom Collins

Piano and obscure horns play old-timey sounds that meet rock and punk that will make you dance and drink.


                                       and check out this set list as DJ'd by Portals music blog.
Sky – Young Pharohs
Not the same – A.D. six
All about – Tyler Jerome
Director’s Cut -  Samurai Buck
JPTW – Stag
Righteous Black – Gauntlet Hair
Get Strange – MuscleKraft
Calm July –Spires
and the rest of the show....
Lovely – Noel Zancanella
Earthquake - Slim Cessna’s Autoclub –
Drug - The Czars 
Oh yeah! oh no! - The Dirty Few 
Let it shine - Bad Weather California

and a Gregory Alan Isakov interview!

                                                                    STREAM IT HERE

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Babysitters!

The excitement level of this week's guest was as high as my voice after I experienced their in-studio performance. The Babysitters are Denver's Maureen Hearty on drums/vocals, Eric Allen on bass/vocals and Gregory Hill on guitar/vocals. Greg wrote a book and the Local Shakedown theme song, Eric is in The Apples and Stereo, and Maureen is one compelling drummer and tomato grower.

They recently released an LP, Have a Seat. This album is a top notch listen for all but is especially good for fans of Elephant 6 recordings and wierdo pop. Do yourself a favor and listen to this record and to their live performance below.


Thanks to Tyler of Science Partner for joining me during the 4 o'clock hour. Listen to them here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Petals of Spain

For 9 months I have kept a Local Shakedown blog with audio from every performance. Petals of Spain's performance and interview archive was lost, never to be heard again.  :(

R.I.P. 8-31-12 Local Shakedown. and the deepest of apologizes to Petals.... :c

and thanks to the Holy Underground artist collective for stopping by before their launch party which was a faantastic.

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Night of Joy

Don't be a poser. Here is some good punk music, performed live from A NIGHT OF JOY 

...and Gennny, Paul, and Caleb of Paper Bird joined us in the station to talk (and sing) about their upcoming performance of Carry On with Ballet Nouveau Colorado. GO! September 7th at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. PAPER BIRD SINGS

Some artists played:

Boulder Acoustic Society
El Toro de la Muerte 
Pin Downs
Navy Girls 
Drag the River
Sawmill Joe
--> Chimney Choir 
Haunted Windchimes
The Knew
Bury My Bones 


Friday, August 17, 2012

A Mouthful of Thunder


Listen to Denver's A Mouthful of Thunder perform their EP Slow Burn and listen to us chat with the band and learn how they got the name A MOUTHFUL OF THUNDER.

Their EP is really good and you should listen to this one for sure. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Knew

Please, quickly become acquainted with The Knew. Denver is familiar and flocks to their high-enery, raucous live shows. AMC's Breaking Bad and Xbox 360 know their studio recordings are just as desirable.

The 2010 release, Pulperia received praise, but vocalist and guitarist Jacob Hansen says the new LP Man Monster (due out August 24th) will significantly blow the other away.

Go rock and buy vinyl August 24 and 25th at Lions Lair. (check out the sweet deals here).

Listen to The Knew's Shakedown PERFORMANCE and keep streaming to hear Jacob and Tyler DJ the rest of the show!

Set List:

Pacific Pride – virginia
The Astronauts – baja
Hello Kavita – sundy (it’s a chrome tide)
The Don’ts and Be Carefuls

The Gamits – falling apart
Patrick Lee – belted kingfisher and victory
The Black Apples – where the wild things go

Arliss Nancy – pages
The Omens – you can’t come on
Transistors – the rock n roll and baseball
Dirty few – outta control

You Me and Apollo
The Babysiters – gigantic sugnlasses
Speedwolf –
American Rely – curtain call
Tin Horn Prayer – stumble
Girls walk by – 57 lashes

Stab Heart Kiss Kill –
PANAL – you knew I was a snake
Mr Pacman - 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Jesse Manley

Jesse Manley performed an extra stripped down set during his appearance at the Local Shakedown. Singing and playing just over the air room mics, he delivered beautiful tunes that make you slow down and stop to appreciate the simpler things. Frequently playing solo or with band mates, Manley's music is honest, captivating, and inspiring to those that wish to write solid songs from the heart. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hindershot is fun to the umpth degree. Quality dance fun, smooth sexy fun, pop punk fun. Fun fun fun.

Listen Below. 


Thanks Stewart, Lucas, Jesse, Spencer, Duncan, and Ned - you all are a fun and making good music. Stick around for a Concerted Effort webisode of their visit to the station.

It was a busy day, check out my interview with Boulder's West Water Outlaws as they headed to the mountains for a vintage bluesy rock and roll show and thanks to Sarah Slater of TITWRENCH for stopping by to discuss the progressive female fronted festival and play some tunes from the artists involved.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chimney Choir

Ladder 2012

The Local Shakedown was in good hands with Hannah filling in as I journeyed to Fiona Apple it up. Chimney Choir's performance highlights their soundscape influenced folk with rich accompaniment and harmonizing vocals.


Topics from the interview include a live performance recording in a pipe organ chapel studio, field recordings, undercover vans, feelers for a bass player, and a west coast tour.  
Thanks to Hannah for filling in and Chimney Choir for providing such fine material. 

Aaaand check out UMC coverage - many local band mini reviews!  

Concerted Effort
Hey Reverb  

Friday, July 13, 2012


More photos of the band from this photographer. 

I feel like the photograph is enough to lure you in to the awesomeness that is Denver's Rubedo. Emotional, raw, dynamic rock with noise and power that will force a smile on your face while you watch this exceptional trio make music that also "brings a sense of enlightenment into reality". Alchemy on stage. Listen to the live performance featuring songs from  MASSA CONFUSA and check out the INTERVIEW that was accompanied by cupcakes.

Set list:

Sara Century – i love you lightening bug
Amazing Twin – gray to have eyes
Hindershot – rain fall
Carter Cola – ouroboros street

The Haunted Windchimes – little box
Chimney Choir – ace of spades
Two Tone Wolf Pack – Super Market 9-5
Poet’s Row – exquisite corpse
Samurai Buck – director’s cut

Prime Element – truth
The Minders – chatty patty
The Babysitters –
Local 33 – Blue Collar Work Day 

Panal S.A. De C.V. - you knew I was a snake
Speed Wolf – ride with death
Dirty Few – outta control
Crispus Attucks – one, two, three…die
StaG – summerfoot

Sauna -  beachball
Night of Joy – john candy
Laura Goldhammer – mr T
Tin Horn Prayer  - fighting sleep 

Friday, July 6, 2012


Stream the  HOLOPHRASE LIVE SET and listen to THE BAND talk about their experience with producer Ikey Owens, circuit bending Nintendos, and impromptu AV art....that you should check out here.  

Set List:
Starting the Hearts  - Helmet 
Heart Short Hope –  Untitled 2
Space Team Electra – Possum
Achille Lauro – Hard Pressed
Palisades – More Than Halfway

Apples in Stero – No Body But You
Porlolo/Roger Green – Clinton and Elva
Safe boating is no accident – Her New Man
Cowboy Curse – In Spite

The Gamits – Molly
Elway – Dear Colorado
Hell’s Half Acre – Bed of Needles
Starting the Hearts – Helmet

Jackson Turner – Revenge of the Nerds
Sole – Bottle of Humans
Bugaboo – Sober Eye
Tom Hagerman -  Veiled

Rowboat – Devil and Dust
Wentworth Kersey – Riot
Houses – Fairweather
Rabbit Is A Sphere – Axioms
The Marrow 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Young Pharaohs Part 2

Get your headphones and throw the boys of Young Pharaohs a few bones for this listening experience.

The trio is currently touring the west in a veggie oil powered school bus. Be sure to check them out when they return to Denver as the scene and music they bring is one that shouldn't be missed.

Thanks to Concerted Effort for chronicling the Shakedown event and to PORTALS for showing me a thing or two...or three or four.

Set List:

You Me and Apollo – a pearl
Petal of Spain – lady luck
Mesita – here for you
Chain Gang of 1974

Cerulean – future wind
Obeah – one hand washes the other
VU – left to fit right in

The Fogcutters – it’s my world
2045 AD – the ultra boyz
Dirty Few -  oh yeah oh no
Cells – don’t change your mind

16 horsepower – Low Estate
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – cranston
Two Tone Wolf Pack – dead man hanging
Across Tundras – dark flower of the prarie

Skully Mammoth – untitled

Git Some – loose control
Warlock pinchers – friends forever anthem 5
Picture Plane –slow it up
Amazing Larry – i don’t even care

Flashbulb Fires – cult life

young pharaohs perform live 
Twine – piano
The Very Hush Hush – washing song
Fevrier – leo sunshine
Ankylosaurus – sweets

Lil Slugger – “O History” premiere track

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Outfit a Denver rock band. I can't get "Strange Bones" out of muh head. Listen to Broken West Wishbone Test and stay tuned for a new EP that just began tracking! Until then listen to the Shakedown performance THE OUTFIT PLAYS .... and then listen to ERIC RJ MIKE & MIKAEL talk about the Philippines, obscure Denver venues, and throwing water balloons with The Knew. But really, listen to Broken West Wishbone Test. 

Correction - Carbon Choir was actually my first guest. Mad love to them and listen to their new EP, Sakhalin.

Set List:

Holophrase – “Alligatron”  (July 6th on the Local Shakedown)
BLKHRTS – “The Water”
The Food Chain – “Basically”
Rebel Tongue – “Tell Them Why”
Otem Rellik – “Empty Coffins”
Suffix Punch – “In Vision Double Vocals”
Black Dots – “Everybody’s Got One”
Ideal Fathers – “Not an Exit Strategy
Safe Boating is No Accident – “Tyler Durden Has A Facebook Page”
Sun Red – “Terrorform”
The Ammends – “More to Give”
Breezy Porticos – “Vitchy Sun”
Kitty Crimes – “Grades ft DJ This and That and the Other”
Young Pharaohs – “Balcony”  (June 28th on the LS) 
Protosonic – “Element”
Anna Smith – “Beyond the Ridge” 

a 2 MP camera phone's version of RJ drumming with the jewel cases 

Friday, June 15, 2012


FLASHLIGHTS makes electro-pop dance music. They have been billed with acts such as Youth Lagoon, Toro Y Moi, & Miami Horror and played festivals such as SXSW, Westword, UMS, Goldrush, CMJ, Goldrush, Snowball, & Treefort.

They bounce and move while making the beats that will do the same to you. They also put on light shows. Listen to this sweet little phone interview and find out what smell Ethan of FLASHLIGHTS would deliver to his audience.


Set List:

1       Tantric Picasso - “Make Your Love Bigger”   
2.     Faceman-  “High Gear”
3.     Foam bullets – “it’s gotta end”
4.     Born in the flood – if this thing should spill

1.     elway – “wolf shirt”
2.     overcasters – “storm of crows”
3.     rowboat – devil and dust
4.     the congress – “distance”

1.     mancub – “grace”
2.     men in burka – “khanga”
3.     Fevrier – “something perfect”
4.     Laylights – “highwires”

1.     the pretty sure – "hot sass"
2.     wentworth kersey –“ears burn“
3.     glowing house – “trouble”
4.      tom hagerman – the comedy

1.     16 horsepower – “american wheezer”
2.     air dubai – “love in retrograde”
3.     tarantella – tarentella della morte”
4.     cowgirl radio - “ties that bind”
5.     across tundras –dark flower of the prairie

    FLASHLIGHTS - Closer To Midnight EP