Friday, December 28, 2012

We Are Not A Glum Lot

This 4 piece fronted by vocalist/guitarist Sam Erickson is from Colorado Springs and we thank them for making the trip to the station. Some element of their performance gave me chills (which doesn't happen too terribly often). Perhaps it is because this group is pretty young (half are seniors in high school and the other half, college freshman) and have a successful future of music making ahead of them. Or maybe it was the grandiose violin lines against hard riffs and mathy guitar licks that felt like some kind of different, anti-pop. With multiple influences that make for unexpected appearances in their song writing, this is a band to keep an eye on as they mature and come into their own.

We Are Not A Glum Lot opens for Sea Wolf at the Black Sheep in Colorado Spring January 24th.

Set List:

Velventeen Monster - Velventeen Monster
Attic Attack - The Silver Lining
Eye and the Arrow - Prophet's Home Town
Drunken Arrows - It's Polite 
FaceMan - Talk Talk Talk
Emmet Collins - Excite Me 
Calpso - Over and Over 
C.P. Carrington 
Rainbow Sugar - World's Most Exciting Ride 
Instant Empire - Keep Up! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

ScaTTer GaTHer

Go here  <--- and listen to ScaTHer GaTHer's album, Just Smile. But don't stay too devoted to its horns and quality streamline production. Live, this duo creates a different experience of raw jolted nervous rock that is a sure relief for listeners tired of the same ol' predictable things. 

And a very special thanks to Ned and Stuart of Ned Garthe for co-hosting the 4'clock hour.

Set List:

The Yawpers/Eldren - It's Christmas

Friends War - Achille Lauro
The Blue Rider - Way Out West
Action Friend - D6 Runs Dry
Candy Claws
Pit Vipers - Night Stroll
Ned Garthe - Someone in the Room (mix 666)
The Yawpers - Silicone Love
Kissing Party - Ways to Mickey
The Knew - Picnic
Dirty Few - Oh Yea! Oh No!
Colfax Speed Queen - Fiends in the Night
Night of Joy - Cool Runnings
Calypso - Over and Over
The River Drifters - Hell-Boulder in the Eden Tornado
Native Daughters - Private Sauce
C.P. Carrington - The Difference 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Land Lines

One of my favorites, I was extra excited for this performance (one that is completely unique to the record or prior performances!). Denver's Land Lines recently put out an LP and it is worth dozens n dozens of plays. Check it out here.

Cellos, vocals, drums....superior song crafting and mood setting. If I was a better writer I could tell you what it felt like in the 1190 station after Land Lines finished their set. It was some kind of magical / the best of feelings that only happens after something truly special happens.

Listen to their performance and interview and go to their record release show January 5th and the Mercury Cafe!


Set List:

Dirty Few - You Want Me
Love Me Destroyer - California Car, Colorado Car
Jonathan Alonzo - Coming Home for the Holiday
Thrifty Astronaut - Television Special
Rachael Pollard - Believe It or Not
The Broken Spoke - Talk of the Town
Breakfastes - Ageless
Neptune's Only Daughter - Auto Electric
Echo Beds - Totalitarian Guillotine
Force Publique - Ache
Candy Claws - Warm Forest Floor
Itchy-O - Orange Devil
Signal Path - Peso
Esme Patterson - Jessica

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Longest Day of the Year


The Longest Day of the Year is Americana the way Coloradans like it, good 'n' rowdy.  Listen up here: 

Set List: 

Elephant Revival - Raven Song
Anthony Ruptak - Resillusion
Patrick Dethlefs - Fall & Rise 
Tin Horn Prayer - Fire in the Jailhouse
Mesita - Hostages
Otem Rellik - Lifetime
Thrifty Astronaut - Television Special
Monofog - Small Black Box
SF1 - Permanent
Boulder Acoustic Society - Punchline
Slim Cessna's Autoclub - Shady Lane
Bad Weather California - Lost Her Innocence
The Outfit - Cavalier
Joy Subtraction - Investment Bankers Unite!
d.biddle - A Promise Never Broken
CougarPants - Stolen Honey
Foam Bullets - Deepwater
The Suffix Punch - Algorhythm
Warlock Pinchers - Dont Beep This Song The Radio 
These United States - Not Gone Tonight
Head for the Hills - TIme to Spare
Overcasters - Storm of Crows
Ideal Fathers - The Unberable Lightness of Being
Hot I.Q.'s - Firecracker
The Family Men - Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?