Friday, December 21, 2012

ScaTTer GaTHer

Go here  <--- and listen to ScaTHer GaTHer's album, Just Smile. But don't stay too devoted to its horns and quality streamline production. Live, this duo creates a different experience of raw jolted nervous rock that is a sure relief for listeners tired of the same ol' predictable things. 

And a very special thanks to Ned and Stuart of Ned Garthe for co-hosting the 4'clock hour.

Set List:

The Yawpers/Eldren - It's Christmas

Friends War - Achille Lauro
The Blue Rider - Way Out West
Action Friend - D6 Runs Dry
Candy Claws
Pit Vipers - Night Stroll
Ned Garthe - Someone in the Room (mix 666)
The Yawpers - Silicone Love
Kissing Party - Ways to Mickey
The Knew - Picnic
Dirty Few - Oh Yea! Oh No!
Colfax Speed Queen - Fiends in the Night
Night of Joy - Cool Runnings
Calypso - Over and Over
The River Drifters - Hell-Boulder in the Eden Tornado
Native Daughters - Private Sauce
C.P. Carrington - The Difference 

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