Friday, December 7, 2012

The Longest Day of the Year


The Longest Day of the Year is Americana the way Coloradans like it, good 'n' rowdy.  Listen up here: 

Set List: 

Elephant Revival - Raven Song
Anthony Ruptak - Resillusion
Patrick Dethlefs - Fall & Rise 
Tin Horn Prayer - Fire in the Jailhouse
Mesita - Hostages
Otem Rellik - Lifetime
Thrifty Astronaut - Television Special
Monofog - Small Black Box
SF1 - Permanent
Boulder Acoustic Society - Punchline
Slim Cessna's Autoclub - Shady Lane
Bad Weather California - Lost Her Innocence
The Outfit - Cavalier
Joy Subtraction - Investment Bankers Unite!
d.biddle - A Promise Never Broken
CougarPants - Stolen Honey
Foam Bullets - Deepwater
The Suffix Punch - Algorhythm
Warlock Pinchers - Dont Beep This Song The Radio 
These United States - Not Gone Tonight
Head for the Hills - TIme to Spare
Overcasters - Storm of Crows
Ideal Fathers - The Unberable Lightness of Being
Hot I.Q.'s - Firecracker
The Family Men - Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?  

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