Friday, July 27, 2012


Hindershot is fun to the umpth degree. Quality dance fun, smooth sexy fun, pop punk fun. Fun fun fun.

Listen Below. 


Thanks Stewart, Lucas, Jesse, Spencer, Duncan, and Ned - you all are a fun and making good music. Stick around for a Concerted Effort webisode of their visit to the station.

It was a busy day, check out my interview with Boulder's West Water Outlaws as they headed to the mountains for a vintage bluesy rock and roll show and thanks to Sarah Slater of TITWRENCH for stopping by to discuss the progressive female fronted festival and play some tunes from the artists involved.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chimney Choir

Ladder 2012

The Local Shakedown was in good hands with Hannah filling in as I journeyed to Fiona Apple it up. Chimney Choir's performance highlights their soundscape influenced folk with rich accompaniment and harmonizing vocals.


Topics from the interview include a live performance recording in a pipe organ chapel studio, field recordings, undercover vans, feelers for a bass player, and a west coast tour.  
Thanks to Hannah for filling in and Chimney Choir for providing such fine material. 

Aaaand check out UMC coverage - many local band mini reviews!  

Concerted Effort
Hey Reverb  

Friday, July 13, 2012


More photos of the band from this photographer. 

I feel like the photograph is enough to lure you in to the awesomeness that is Denver's Rubedo. Emotional, raw, dynamic rock with noise and power that will force a smile on your face while you watch this exceptional trio make music that also "brings a sense of enlightenment into reality". Alchemy on stage. Listen to the live performance featuring songs from  MASSA CONFUSA and check out the INTERVIEW that was accompanied by cupcakes.

Set list:

Sara Century – i love you lightening bug
Amazing Twin – gray to have eyes
Hindershot – rain fall
Carter Cola – ouroboros street

The Haunted Windchimes – little box
Chimney Choir – ace of spades
Two Tone Wolf Pack – Super Market 9-5
Poet’s Row – exquisite corpse
Samurai Buck – director’s cut

Prime Element – truth
The Minders – chatty patty
The Babysitters –
Local 33 – Blue Collar Work Day 

Panal S.A. De C.V. - you knew I was a snake
Speed Wolf – ride with death
Dirty Few – outta control
Crispus Attucks – one, two, three…die
StaG – summerfoot

Sauna -  beachball
Night of Joy – john candy
Laura Goldhammer – mr T
Tin Horn Prayer  - fighting sleep 

Friday, July 6, 2012


Stream the  HOLOPHRASE LIVE SET and listen to THE BAND talk about their experience with producer Ikey Owens, circuit bending Nintendos, and impromptu AV art....that you should check out here.  

Set List:
Starting the Hearts  - Helmet 
Heart Short Hope –  Untitled 2
Space Team Electra – Possum
Achille Lauro – Hard Pressed
Palisades – More Than Halfway

Apples in Stero – No Body But You
Porlolo/Roger Green – Clinton and Elva
Safe boating is no accident – Her New Man
Cowboy Curse – In Spite

The Gamits – Molly
Elway – Dear Colorado
Hell’s Half Acre – Bed of Needles
Starting the Hearts – Helmet

Jackson Turner – Revenge of the Nerds
Sole – Bottle of Humans
Bugaboo – Sober Eye
Tom Hagerman -  Veiled

Rowboat – Devil and Dust
Wentworth Kersey – Riot
Houses – Fairweather
Rabbit Is A Sphere – Axioms
The Marrow