Friday, July 6, 2012


Stream the  HOLOPHRASE LIVE SET and listen to THE BAND talk about their experience with producer Ikey Owens, circuit bending Nintendos, and impromptu AV art....that you should check out here.  

Set List:
Starting the Hearts  - Helmet 
Heart Short Hope –  Untitled 2
Space Team Electra – Possum
Achille Lauro – Hard Pressed
Palisades – More Than Halfway

Apples in Stero – No Body But You
Porlolo/Roger Green – Clinton and Elva
Safe boating is no accident – Her New Man
Cowboy Curse – In Spite

The Gamits – Molly
Elway – Dear Colorado
Hell’s Half Acre – Bed of Needles
Starting the Hearts – Helmet

Jackson Turner – Revenge of the Nerds
Sole – Bottle of Humans
Bugaboo – Sober Eye
Tom Hagerman -  Veiled

Rowboat – Devil and Dust
Wentworth Kersey – Riot
Houses – Fairweather
Rabbit Is A Sphere – Axioms
The Marrow 

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