Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soon to Come

Apologies for the delay in audio. Your patience is so very appreciated and soon to come are performances by Anna Smith of Ancient Elk, Indigenous Robot, Glowing House, The Other Black, Monocle Stache, and And The Black Feathers, Wild High, Mike Clark, Turner Jackson, Talk All Night, Joshua Trinidad

Until then here are some set lists and keep checking the line up page for January and February guests!


Action Packed Thrill Ride – 2 Dreams
Acrobat Down - 1998
Instant Empire – Blue Spruce
Turner Jackson – Love you World

Town without a name – red cloud
Spirits of the Red City – lead us
Natalie Tate – chased by the sun
The Go Betweens – poison in the walls

Abandin Pictures – Color Wheels
Rossonian – Love Clutch
Kings of Space – Charioteer
FamilyMen – Emerson   - soda jerk

Kalamath Brothers – Only Son
Confluence – Awaiting
Sole – The Year of the Sexx Symbol
Felt Pilotes – Never Satisfied

The Love Letter Band – Im Gonna Drink All Day
CougarPants – Scratch That, Factory
The Rollerball featuring Dang Head

On the Wagon EP Iggy Igloo and the Penguins
Natural Anthem by the Ding Dong Tribe
Rewards  – Asleep with the Lights On 


Ark Life – You’re with Me
Varlet – The Nod  
Saw Mill Joe – Good Morning, Bartender
The Kinky Fingers – Lonesome

Abe Abraham – Fall for You
Bearsnail – 30,000 Years
TheSaurus – Next
Baltic –Green Girl – all 15
Janet Feder – Heart Beat Faster
Modelo – Copy Circles + Rangutang

.....Science Partner
Water Babys


Widowers – Pacific Hit
Chimney Choir – Poor Boy
Joshua Trinidad – Alone at Sea
Ned Garthe – Got s Soul – catch them tomorrow night at the meadow lark with Fine Gentlemans Club

American Culture – I like American Culture
The Outfit – Projector  from Tough Kids
Fierce Bad Rabbit – Do You Want Me Now?
The Seven Hats- The Wonder of You

Alphabets – 400Yen
Cop Circles + Rangutang – Modelo
a.     tom Collins – Hospital
The Blue Rider – Champagne Problems

Help Me See – Patrick Dethlefs
Kristi Stice – Green Grass
Indigenous Robot – Capture the King
Changing Colors – Good Times

Rose Hill Drive – Laughing in the Streets
Natalie Tate – Waiting for Creek to Rise

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tom Murphy and Mike King Co-Host

A million thanks to Tom (Westword) and Mike (The Outfit) for bringing their records, local music knowledge, superior taste, and kindness to the station to help me DJ fall pledge drive. You both are an inspiration and *weep* lots of love to you both!

Check out the set list:

Twice Wilted - Brighter 
 Waterbabys - Binary Birds
 Waterbear - track 1
Genessier - Rockstars
 Catatonic Lydia - The Jerk
 Red Cloud West - Coonskin Cap
 Bucks Experiment - Trainwreck 
 Colfax Speed Queen - Fiends in the Night
 Scatter Gather - Fears
 The Kissing Party - I Live with the Mystery
 The Outfit - Twos and Threes
 Safe Boating is o Accident -
 Hot IQs - Hungry Hungry Hypo
 Constellations - Necrogeister
 Snake Mountain - Zombie Beach
 Widowers - Pacific Hit
 Four - United Pansies of America 
 Bright Channel - Witness
The Geds
 Pythian Whispers 
 Monofog - Black Lung
 Time -
Varlet - American Hymns 

Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18th

didn't even play any Pizza Time 

Set List: 

Widowers – Skin and Shell
The Seven Hats – Where or When
Patrick Porter – Toppy
Anthony Ruptak – Alphabet Town (Elliot Smith Cover)

Tomahawk Fox – Clap
The Tudaloos – Flora Fauna
Little Fyodor – Everybody’s Sick
Good Times – The Changing Colors

Black Acid Devil – Firebird
Of Feather and Bone – False Healer
Best Creeps – Hey Charles

The Patient Zeros – Cardieck to Me Too
Cloud Catcher – Colossus
Glass Hits – There is No…
Distant Correspondent – Listen
Long E Short e – Steer. Stall. Shade.
We Are Erased - Montezuma's Revenge 

Hindershot – Sociopath
The Haunted Windchimes – Make It Rain
Moses Walker Live at the Oriental
Inner Oceans – Ready Your Ghost

Bud Bronson and the GoodTimers – Please Don’t Change When You Get Married
The Reminders 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Manxx


After many many weeks of no in-studio performances The Local Shakedown was back with a Denver favorite. The Manxx sells out of snappy little 7 inches and knows how to party with the best of 'em. Check them out November 2nd at the Lion's Lair.

Set List: 

Black Amex - Girl in the Dark
Rossonian - Ticklish
The Knew - What's Hip / Word War Ay Ay Ay (Alright)
SPELLS - Forget About Virginia 
Rubedo - My Oh My 
I SANK MOLLY BROWN - Lazerstains 
Ned Garthe - My Darling 
Thee Dang Dangs - Pieces of You
Indigenous Robot - Ridge Trail
The Royal - Creatures of the Night 
Flashbulb Fires - Unseen Things

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20th

Set List: 

Patrick Dethlefs While You’re Carrying the Weight
Covenhoven – These Teeth
Confluence – Founded Way
Wire Faces – Happiest Man

Hindershot  – Face, 8 bit remix
Colonial Excess – The Money Shot
The Blue Rider – Leave me Alone
Best Creeps  - Creepy Pizza Garage Demo

I Sank Molly Brown – Lazerstains
Accordion Crimes -
Action Packed Thrill Ride – In this River
Attick Attack – The Silver Lining

Varlet – American Hymns
Ark Life – Had to Leave You Know
Clouds and Mountains – Backyard
Brave Song Circle – Snakeskin

Nathaniel Rateliff – Still Trying
Flashbulb Fires – Unseen Things
Rossonian – Love Clutch
Apples in Stereo – Same Old Drag

Springdale Quartet – Heist
Space in Time – Smoke and Mirrors
Marty Jones and the pork Boilin’ Poor Boys – Every Kind of Music But Country
The Czars – Goodbye from 2004’s album Goodbye produced by the cock tow twins

Facial – Cactus Jack
Uphollow – Long, the Road
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This is How We Do Things in the Country
The Reminders – The Way it Is

Friday, September 6, 2013

No New Bands New Soundboard

The Local Shakedown took a break this summer while Radio 1190 underwent some renovations. Stop by the station to see our new digital soundboard and lounge. Also, try to find yourself a limited edition Moke button.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Distant Correspondent co-hosts

This band is a special little group making dreamy pop. The record has Edith Frost on vocals. Let that be enough said.

Set List: 

Princess Music -Evening Song (Overture) / Morning Song (Reprise)
Patrick Auto - Hustler
The Baltic - Demise
Thee Dang Dangs - She's Stuck in a Rut
Colfax Speed Queen - Skeleton Man
Gryff Synder - 100,000 Bellows (That I Surmise)
Hot I.Q.'s - Firecracker

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sara Century


At first, I didn't understand Denver's avant garde singer, songwriter, cartoonist, writer, Baby Hair creator, performer, artist Sara Century. Then something happened and it clicked and I fell in some kind of love. I realized our similarities and the importance of her work. Stay positive. Fuck everything. 

Set List:

Friday, July 19, 2013



I followed StaG a ways back and thought, yes, this is nice. Nothing struck me as TOO amazing. Then, Modbert hooked up this performance the night after their successful UMS show. Now "post local" StaG is operating out of L.A. and has their shit together and is a perfect example of a band that is growing and moving forward. Within a few minutes of this performance I thought, "they are probably going to "make it". OR something, whatever that means but seriously listen to this and watch for a new record from them coming soon. 

Set List:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Neptune's Only Daughter


It is no secret Boulder doesn't have a lot going for it in terms of a music scene that isn't jam, bluegrass, or EDM. I look elsewhere but this band made an impression and we were pleased. The songs are their own and they take themselves seriously...which isn't always a bad thing. 

Set List:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Little Fyodor


If you don't get Little Fyodor then you just don't get IT. His records fill the 1190 stacks from years back and ARE the underground."More punk than the punks" Little Fyodor sings about things most people are afraid to talk about and what most people can't handle as truth....whatever THAT means.

The interview is extra LOL and we talk private parts, Elephant Six, Death Equinox, walking freak shows, drugs, the sun blowing up, and the new tribute record. 

Set List:

Soup in a Box - Let's Act Infantile 
the Lollygags - Christian Laytner
Spells - Slice Away 
Achille Lauro - Hand Of Sand
Accordian Crimes - Potshots
Raven and the Writing Desk - Cutting the Line 
Will Daniels - Greg Kinnear's Left Limbs
Itchy-O - Orange Devil
IL Daniels - March First 
We Are Erased - Montezuma's Revenge 
LAMA LIVE - Blue & White Yankee

Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrifty Astronaut


Fort Collins based Thrifty Astronaut performs a farewell Colorado session. This baritone voice + a westerny desert feel is memorizing and comforting but also pokes at you a bit. A fiiiine performance from fine players.  

Set List: 

Ideal Fathers - Mr. Quitman Oversees The Machine 
Chimney Choir - Dark Side / Flashlight 
Mister Zach - Hello, Hologram
Candy Claws - 9 Sun Arrow
Fissure Mystic - Seasons Fly
The Siren Project - Justify 
Cougar Pants - Before You Float 
Accordion Crimes - Super Soft Knife
Blue Million Miles - Trees
Eyes Caught Fire - Wake Up
Tjutjuna - Mousetrap
Instant Empire - Flickering Youth
Red Fox Run - Emerald Hills 
Gauntlet Hair - I was Thinking 
Nervesandgel - If All You Have Left is a Dream 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Echo Beds


"...a scary band. Sonically overwhelming". Thanks to Tom Murphy for the introduction to one of the most surreal Local Shakedown performances experienced. Be patient for the climax of this. Put on some headphones, (and to throw back to an 1190 past) shut up and LISTEN. Large metal drums filled with nails and other scraps of disturbing material traveled through contact mics. Noise. Screams. Haunting rhythms. Retaliation.

We talk Weather Underground, "revolutions start with one mind", the working class, and being humbled.

Set List:

Cougar Pants - Before You Float
The Matildas - Baby, let me write yr lines
The Siren Project - Justify
Between Youth - High Below
Joy Subtraction - Investment Bankers Unite!
The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - Eddy Sweater / And
The Love Letter Band - College Kids
Rainbow Sugar - You Broke Me
A Shoreline Dream - Love is a Ghost in America
Stella Luce - We Empty the Bottle so We Can Fill Up Our Hearts
Twice Wilted - King Crayon
Vitamins - Dark Matter
Volplane - Invisible
The VSS - Death Scene
Pythian Whispers - Seance Frequency

Friday, June 14, 2013

Accordion Crimes


1190 is what it is because we play what other radio stations won't play. The Local Shakedown wanted to give Accordion Crimes some radio lovin. Smart driving head bobbing rhythms, thrashy guitars, harsh vocals. Here it is. We love you!  

And thanks to Alexis for co-hosting with Tjutjuna during the first hour. We also love you. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sour Boy Bitter Girl AND A.M. Pleasure Assassins


One of my real favorites, A.M. Pleasure Assassins came back to make up for a lost session. I really act like an idiot around this band. I am not sure why, I really really like their music. They make shit from somewhere real real real. They brought a friend, Sour Boy Bitter Girl that also makes really good music. Both are in Fort Collins. They should come to Denver more.

Friday, May 31, 2013



Panal is good but I wasn't aware how good they really were until this week on the Local Shakedown. Unfortunately I botch their name in the intro. Fortunately it is followed by their set. Technically perfect, emotionally sound instrumental rock.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Postal Holiday

 Postal Holiday came recommended by a fellow 1190er! It was a delightful experience. They brought a hand painted poster with an album attached, good vibes, and a solid set. They have several shows coming up this November, GO! Sorry it took so long to get you this recording Postal Holiday. :c

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Seven Hats


Joseph Pope III, Julie Davis....nough said. The renditions of American standards from the EP, Scientific America will melt you into a calm pile of vintage bliss and devotion. I was the most nervous with these two yet they were some of the nicest. Thank you. This music does something. Read more about it here

The Wonder of You.... 

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Wales

The Wales are a super young band out of Denver making pleasant piano driven rock revival. Listen above!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Colfax Speed Queen

An 1190 favorite, Colfax Speed Queen makes you shimmy and shake. Catch these guys live and they will most likely be billed with other Denver greats that know how to get down. Also, I find the lows of the band extra thick and bumpin'. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dirty Few

Ahhh, the all-seeing eye... that wants you to party! I have caught Dirty Few, a punk-ish garage rock crew, a couple of times and lightly moshed, banged my head, and smiled with friends. They know how to show their crowd a good time while making quality music you can drink and dance and drink and dance and drink to and do it again the next night.


....thanks to the talented and beautiful Maria Kohler of Kitty Crimes for co-hosting the 4 o'clock hour before her CMKY show. Check out Harpoontang and Science Partner and anything else you may find her supporting. It is refreshing to find artists like Maria and I find her incredibly inspiring and an important voice in the Denver scene.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Il Cattivo


I was ridiculously excited during Il Cattivo's set on this week's show. Great fucking rock that made me feel like I could do absolutely anything I goddamn pleased - in a positive, empowering kind of way. I was reminded of the lack of true rock in my life and how I need to add shows with Il Cattivo and friends to my show agenda. 


...thanks to Indigenous Robot for co-hosting before their show at the Fox supporting Black Mountain. Check out their EP and a live show around town, they also rock and are very generous with their promo :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

CMKY 2013

Boulder recently celebrated its 6th year of Communikey, a progressive electronic arts festival gathering inventors, technologists, visual, sound, and music artists focused on sustainability and inclusiveness that brings impressive headlining acts and unites the local community.

Founder Kate Lesta is one inspiring lady that does tremendous things in the underground Boulder/Denver music scene and joined me on this episode along with Hayley Dixon of the CMKY staff.

Set List: Thanks Kate Lesta!!!!

Kids on Stilts – “New City”
DJ This That and the Other – “Dee”
Feathericii and Brian Mayhall – Monsoon remix
DJ This That and the Other – “Gently Now Laura Goldhammer remix”
Brandon Brown remix of Nils Frahm
Michael Neff – Sea of Tranquility
Josephine Foster
Griff Snyder – 100,000 Bellows

Friday, April 5, 2013

The People's Abstract


It is experimental jazz done well! The People's Abstract wondered how their set sounded and now they can know it sounds grrreat - super tight and groovy with fine fine players...


...more fine players of ScaTHer GaTher. I love this band. Their music is rad and they are rad and you can find out for yourself below when you stream our chat and their EP, How Did I End Up Here in it's entirety!

Friday, March 29, 2013


I'd seen clips of Dragondeer performances and knew what I was getting into on this week's Local Shakedown. 

A super trio of Eric Halborg of The Swayback on vocals, harmonica, & guitar, Cole Rudy of Varlet on Lap Steel & Mandolin, and Chimney Choir's Carl Sorensen on drums & percussion is nothing less than exactly what you want to hear. I didn't realize blues and psych could do this. and my god Sorensen's performance on the second song kills me. 

Listen to their set and to the interview - it is a good one. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Shady Elders

Sigh. I was looking forward to this performance for weeks. I heard my sub Laila did an excellent interview. Sigh. Shit happens and shit was lost. 

RIP Shady Elders Local Shakedown performance and interview. 

But please listen and buy this phenomenal EP here and check out Shady Elders live when you can, they are  so very worth it. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Otem Rellik


Otem Rellik aka Toby Hendricks was one of my first, "oh this is someone prominent in the local scene to know" moments when I first took over the local shakedown. I didn't know much about Toby other than ... wait just check out his sweet website that will explain what I can't cause he's got a lot going on.

And listen to his sets and us talk about Denver and thangs. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

A.M. Pleasure Assassins

Oooo The care and love that went into the making and sending of Basement Pharmacy made my head tingle in that ASMR way and then it happened again when they handed me a cassete tape and ooo they diy punk analogue experimental lo-fi psych it out so so well and well look here !! and give them $$ for their art and music and see them live and know them and hang out at festivals in Boise with them cause they are the shit and I effed up and : 

RIP A.M. Pleasure Assassins Local Shakedown performance and interview 


Friday, March 1, 2013


Holy Underground's latest addition, Confluence brings a fresh sound to Denver while providing a throw back indie rock feel with mathy arrangements from seasoned players. I am an idiot and missed their TreeFort performance (sailor jerry!) but I will most certainly catch them May 7th at the Larimer Lounge as they open for Maps and Atlases. They have a few more sweet shows lined up in the next few weeks so go see what the buzz is about and check out their Local Shakedown performance and chat... am I saying Confluence wrong? 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Abandin Pictures

Denver knows to pack up the venue when this band plays.

There is an indie rock familiarity + experimental components with head bouncing polyrhythms and ambientish noise. The energy and professionalism of their performance left me wanting more (like a full show's worth). They know what's up.

Check them out April 19th at UI Sound in Boulder (<--I have seen the best shows there) and catch them in Denver...they sell all the tickets, so get on it!

Friday, February 15, 2013


RIP Local Shakedown performance and interview from PrettyMouth.

This unfortunately begins a small collection of lost local shakedowns...

Marie Litton is a Denver music staple and it was an honor to have her in the station. Plus, this band displays the up most attention to was delicate with purpose, soul grabbing, thoughtful, and just plain beautiful. 

I will never forgot our interview and conversation. It reminded me to do what I love now and forever. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wire Faces

Check out a special live set and interview from Fort Collins' Wire Faces. Correction - their recent LP release is King Cataract.

And thanks to Rowboat for co-hosting and spinning their new record, Of Disappearing.

Friday, February 1, 2013

SF1 and The Maykit

SF1 is a drummer, music producer, dancer, actor and emcee who is one hell of an entertainer and human. Backed by a talented crew of musicians and dancers, SF1 creates a fresh sound and experience that is smile & booty shaking inducing. 

The Maykit swung by the studio for a second visit but this time I didn't loose the audio! Check out this talented singer-songwriter's records as they are perfect for a rainy, contemplative day.