Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18th

didn't even play any Pizza Time 

Set List: 

Widowers – Skin and Shell
The Seven Hats – Where or When
Patrick Porter – Toppy
Anthony Ruptak – Alphabet Town (Elliot Smith Cover)

Tomahawk Fox – Clap
The Tudaloos – Flora Fauna
Little Fyodor – Everybody’s Sick
Good Times – The Changing Colors

Black Acid Devil – Firebird
Of Feather and Bone – False Healer
Best Creeps – Hey Charles

The Patient Zeros – Cardieck to Me Too
Cloud Catcher – Colossus
Glass Hits – There is No…
Distant Correspondent – Listen
Long E Short e – Steer. Stall. Shade.
We Are Erased - Montezuma's Revenge 

Hindershot – Sociopath
The Haunted Windchimes – Make It Rain
Moses Walker Live at the Oriental
Inner Oceans – Ready Your Ghost

Bud Bronson and the GoodTimers – Please Don’t Change When You Get Married
The Reminders 

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