Friday, September 28, 2012

Bonnie and the Beard

photo by Gary Isaacs

I struggled with what to say when I went to write the post before. Everything about this band is just so great and original considering the roots of their sound. No one sounds like this crew. All OGs.

Creed (not that Creed) - Too Many People
Tommy Bolin – Teaser
In the Whale – Heels
Overcasters – Kiss of Sister Ray

Native Daughters – Summon Everest
Truckasaurus – Snoopy, Where’d You Go
Sour Boy Bitter Girl – Withdrawl

A.M. Pleasure Assassians – Singing Too Quiet
Thee Dang Dangs – Midnight Come Rolling

Sawmill Joe – Be Your Man
Strange Americans – Out on a Drift
Fellow Citizens – California Nights
Lil Slugger – Do the Rabid

Alan Alda – Alison
The Skeleton Show – White Buzzard
I Sank Molly Brown – Community College

You Bastard – Bob Marley
The Symptoms – Seatbelt for my Mustache
Varlet - Lady Lie

Cowhause – Opening
Sons of Armageddon – Ripe Watermelon
Noel Zancanella - Uno Impulso

Friday, September 21, 2012

Becca C. and Kate S.

I took the afternoon off to celebrate Amanda Fucking Palmer's arrival to Denver. Becca (host of Folk Yeah! and DJs M,W at 2pm) and Kate (Tuesdays 4-6pm) subbed my show. 

Here is their beautiful set list:

Gluons with Allen Ginsberg - Birdbrain - Local Anesthetic

Pictureplane - Slit Red Bird Throat - Slit Red Bird Throat
Fell - A Farewell to Echoes - A Farewell to Echoes
American Relay - Corn and Oil - Begin
Git Some - Loose Control - A Not So Subtle Reminder
FLASHLIGHTS - FLASHLIGHTS & Force Publique BPG Split Series Vol. 1 - New Hampshire
Tin Tin - S/T - Holiday Misfortune

Force Publique - FLASHLIGHTS & Force Publique BPG Split Series Vol. 1 - Distorted
and Thin
Navy Girls - Navy Girls - On The Beach
The Maybellines - A La Carte - Autumn, September
Prololo - Clinton and Elva - What Would This Be For?

TheSaurus - Fly - Kids Gather Round
StaG - Summerfoot Single
Ralph Gean - Electricity - A Star Unborn

You, Me and Apollo - The Devil Inside - Cards with Cheats
The Swayback - Waiting for my Man (The Velvet Underground cover) - Long Gone Lads
Caddywhompus - The Weight - The Weight

Dressy Bessy - Jenny Come On - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons
Hindershot - Forlough - Curse Us All
Laura Goldhamer and the Silvernail - Fall Often

The Symptoms - Rock/Paper/Scissors - Middle Finger Romance
Gauntlet Hair - Lights Out - S/T
The Fogcutters - It’s My World - Psychedelic States: Colorado in the 60’s
Flashbulb Fires - Sleep Money Dawn - Glory
Tennis - Petition - Young and Old

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A. Tom Collins

Piano and obscure horns play old-timey sounds that meet rock and punk that will make you dance and drink.


                                       and check out this set list as DJ'd by Portals music blog.
Sky – Young Pharohs
Not the same – A.D. six
All about – Tyler Jerome
Director’s Cut -  Samurai Buck
JPTW – Stag
Righteous Black – Gauntlet Hair
Get Strange – MuscleKraft
Calm July –Spires
and the rest of the show....
Lovely – Noel Zancanella
Earthquake - Slim Cessna’s Autoclub –
Drug - The Czars 
Oh yeah! oh no! - The Dirty Few 
Let it shine - Bad Weather California

and a Gregory Alan Isakov interview!

                                                                    STREAM IT HERE

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Babysitters!

The excitement level of this week's guest was as high as my voice after I experienced their in-studio performance. The Babysitters are Denver's Maureen Hearty on drums/vocals, Eric Allen on bass/vocals and Gregory Hill on guitar/vocals. Greg wrote a book and the Local Shakedown theme song, Eric is in The Apples and Stereo, and Maureen is one compelling drummer and tomato grower.

They recently released an LP, Have a Seat. This album is a top notch listen for all but is especially good for fans of Elephant 6 recordings and wierdo pop. Do yourself a favor and listen to this record and to their live performance below.


Thanks to Tyler of Science Partner for joining me during the 4 o'clock hour. Listen to them here.