Friday, September 28, 2012

Bonnie and the Beard

photo by Gary Isaacs

I struggled with what to say when I went to write the post before. Everything about this band is just so great and original considering the roots of their sound. No one sounds like this crew. All OGs.

Creed (not that Creed) - Too Many People
Tommy Bolin – Teaser
In the Whale – Heels
Overcasters – Kiss of Sister Ray

Native Daughters – Summon Everest
Truckasaurus – Snoopy, Where’d You Go
Sour Boy Bitter Girl – Withdrawl

A.M. Pleasure Assassians – Singing Too Quiet
Thee Dang Dangs – Midnight Come Rolling

Sawmill Joe – Be Your Man
Strange Americans – Out on a Drift
Fellow Citizens – California Nights
Lil Slugger – Do the Rabid

Alan Alda – Alison
The Skeleton Show – White Buzzard
I Sank Molly Brown – Community College

You Bastard – Bob Marley
The Symptoms – Seatbelt for my Mustache
Varlet - Lady Lie

Cowhause – Opening
Sons of Armageddon – Ripe Watermelon
Noel Zancanella - Uno Impulso

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