Friday, January 25, 2013

Kristi Stice

I first saw Kristi play a small studio space with Patrick Dethlefs and instantly fell in love with her, her vocals, and approach to song writing. It is playful, charming, smart, and enchanting. The recording and its content are of the upmost quality and I would argue could be enjoyed by just about every human with an appreciation for truthful music making. Stream and buy it here. "Red" def made me tear up and I wish "Courage" could play every time I walk through a park. So good. and "Green Grass" ah! I am glad I am revisiting this record.  

Check her out live April 19th at Little Tree Acoustic in Lafayette! 

Friday, January 18, 2013


The above images above are from FaceMan's new record. It gives you an idea how awesome this band is. SO AWESOME. They are some kind of unifier for Denver bands, they play with/know everyone it seems and this year's FaceMan's Waltz was a success. 

Dean is one of my favorite local drummers (captivating!) and I believe him and David teach lessons professionally so go to them! And Steve - so emotive and full of passion. Passion for what I'm not sure but it doesn't matter. I love these guys and love watching them live but listening to a live set (a very good one) works too so listen below. 


Set List:

Eye & the Arrow - LSD Western
Rowboat - Cold, Black Wind
Esther Sparks & the Whiskey Remedy - Back to Life
Fierce Bad Rabbit - Carry On
Instant Empire - Flicking Youth
CC/NN - My Bodhicitta Girl
Astra Moveo - Don't Waste Another Night
Adai - Graves
Port Au Prince - Jesus Kathleen
Turner Jackson - Jackson
Strange Powers - The Metro  

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Abstract Collective

Unfortunately this post has no visual of the band...I considered throwing up some vibraphones as they are what caught my attention to this Colorado Hip-Hop group...

The Abstract Collective blends multiple sounds and influences together quite well and put on a good show with inspiring lyrics and vibes, pun intended. Listen below, the song about a rabbit hole gets rill trippy and this band totally brings it. 


er, ok why not...
 (partial) Set List:

Wire Faces - Replicator
You Me & Apollo - Oh My Molly
Carbon Choir - Cracks
Princess Music - White Wave
The FoodChain - See Light
Sole - Animal
Varlet - Drifter
Eye & the Arrow - Honey Wine

Friday, January 4, 2013

Esmé Patterson

Esmé Patterson is an effing star.  I was legitimately nervous when she came through the station to perform. One of Colorado's Paper Birds, Esmé recently released her debut solo LP,  All Princes, I produced by Roger Green and full of some of Denver's best players. "Folk and Roll" is a decent way to describe the record but it is much more than that and I seriously cannot stop listening.

All Princes, I is in another league and Esmé's voice! Ahhh this kind of voice doesn't come around often.

Check out the album on American Songwriter  and listen to her Local Shakedown performance and interview below. ESME PATTERSON IS ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE BESTS

Set List:
Ron Miles - Just Married
ScaTTer GaTHer - The Devil Returns
The Vicious Women - For She
Ian Cooke - Bones
The Echo Chamber - The Wolf, The Eagle, and The Serpent
Land Lines - Instruments and Books
Le Divorce - In the Waves
LONG E, short e - Unlike a Machine
SHEL - Please Come Home
Wentworth Kersey - Sun and Moon
Sole - Bottle of Humans