Friday, January 18, 2013


The above images above are from FaceMan's new record. It gives you an idea how awesome this band is. SO AWESOME. They are some kind of unifier for Denver bands, they play with/know everyone it seems and this year's FaceMan's Waltz was a success. 

Dean is one of my favorite local drummers (captivating!) and I believe him and David teach lessons professionally so go to them! And Steve - so emotive and full of passion. Passion for what I'm not sure but it doesn't matter. I love these guys and love watching them live but listening to a live set (a very good one) works too so listen below. 


Set List:

Eye & the Arrow - LSD Western
Rowboat - Cold, Black Wind
Esther Sparks & the Whiskey Remedy - Back to Life
Fierce Bad Rabbit - Carry On
Instant Empire - Flicking Youth
CC/NN - My Bodhicitta Girl
Astra Moveo - Don't Waste Another Night
Adai - Graves
Port Au Prince - Jesus Kathleen
Turner Jackson - Jackson
Strange Powers - The Metro  

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