Friday, November 30, 2012


Other than being one of the nicest groups of people I have encountered on the Shakedown, Denver's Varlet has more than a few things going for them.

First, Lilly Scott is one commanding songwriter and vocalist. With a set of distinguishable and powerful pipes she stomps on a wooden platform while performing and it is hard to look/listen away.

Second, her band mates play on a shit ton of gear that make up a sound that, when I first heard them live, thought it was prerecorded.

Third, there is really no point attaching genres to this group. They manage to blend it all into this:

Set List:

War Over Water - Lubbock
Monroe Monroe- The Salesman
The Emirs – The Shining Motor City (on the hill)
The Minders – Chatty Patty
Everything Absent or distorted – The Exit Parade
Black Black Ocean – Sigmund City
The Yawpers -  Rock Bottom 
200 Million Years - No Good News
The Maykit - East and West
Grant Sabin - Dreaming
The Gromet - Skip Your Stone
Goodbye Timebomb - What I Like Doing With My Time
Broken Tongues - Does Hip Hop Remember the Jazz 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tin Horn Prayer

Tin Horn Prayer's third LP Grapple the Rails is a win of a punk-folk-bluegrass combo that could only be birthed in Denver. Raw and high energy, this 6 piece brings a generous mix of instrumentation fronted by Andy Thomas' killer vocals. The following performance is stripped but you'll get a good idea of what they bring. 

Set List:

Elliot Baker - Babatunde Stardust (CC/NN remix)
Cceruleann - Future Wind
Men In Burka - Bismillah
Slow Magic - On Yr Side
Hills & Hollows - I Shouldn't Go
The Hollyfelds - 32nd Street
DeVotchka - All The Sand In All The Sea
Cougarpants - They NEver
Plastic Children - Acid Dreams
Lockbox - Parmenter Acid
Wire Faces - Cloak and Dagger
Rainbow Sugar - World's Most Exciting Ride
The Sleepers - Venice
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Cooper and Stars
Phonebooks - Cheree (SUICIDE cover)
Robin Walker - Teeth Rotting
Green Carpeted Stairs - My Regret
Fissure Mystic - Seasons Fly
Witch Doctor - Life Affirming Suicide Note
Widower - Black Out Bastard Sons
Hot White - Istswtd
Tin Horn Prayer - Call a Priest

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pledge Drive w/ The Knew and The Outfit

Members from the Knew and The Outfit helped us end our Fall 2012...which is sort of like a party which is why I don't have a set list.

But I do have that photo of our mascot. (yes, we used previously scratched vinyl).

Thank you The Knew and The Outfit - you all are the very best and congrats on your 2012 "Best Of" accomplishments and thanks for supporting the real deal college radio, Radio 1190!!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pledge Drive w/ Tom Murphy

If you are somehow reading this and don't know who Tom Murphy is.... Tom Murphy is a music writer for the Westword. He knows his shit, end of story. He is also in Pythian Whispers.

So many thanks to Tom for co-hosting with us during our Fall 2012 pledge drive and for this set list:

Rainbow sugar – if not love
Twice wilted – brighter
Bright channel – endless
The Fluid – Go Outside
Glass Delirium – diamond lullabies
Apples in Stero – Great there fine
The vss – I cut my teeth
Felt pilots – felt satisfied
Rock Todds – Dig that Hole
Born in the Flood – Low Flying Clouds 
The Reejers – death and taxes 
Fissure mystic – momochrome ***
Time –images of two dead spaneards
Space team electra – glitter galaxyI’m a boy – Angle The Chantepleur – like monsters Brezzy porticos – starry eyed
Vitamins – C street
Monofog – black lung
(love letter band old bad weather)
Bedroom people
Dyad – gemini terjectory chris stelle