Friday, November 16, 2012

Tin Horn Prayer

Tin Horn Prayer's third LP Grapple the Rails is a win of a punk-folk-bluegrass combo that could only be birthed in Denver. Raw and high energy, this 6 piece brings a generous mix of instrumentation fronted by Andy Thomas' killer vocals. The following performance is stripped but you'll get a good idea of what they bring. 

Set List:

Elliot Baker - Babatunde Stardust (CC/NN remix)
Cceruleann - Future Wind
Men In Burka - Bismillah
Slow Magic - On Yr Side
Hills & Hollows - I Shouldn't Go
The Hollyfelds - 32nd Street
DeVotchka - All The Sand In All The Sea
Cougarpants - They NEver
Plastic Children - Acid Dreams
Lockbox - Parmenter Acid
Wire Faces - Cloak and Dagger
Rainbow Sugar - World's Most Exciting Ride
The Sleepers - Venice
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Cooper and Stars
Phonebooks - Cheree (SUICIDE cover)
Robin Walker - Teeth Rotting
Green Carpeted Stairs - My Regret
Fissure Mystic - Seasons Fly
Witch Doctor - Life Affirming Suicide Note
Widower - Black Out Bastard Sons
Hot White - Istswtd
Tin Horn Prayer - Call a Priest

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