Friday, June 29, 2012

Young Pharaohs Part 2

Get your headphones and throw the boys of Young Pharaohs a few bones for this listening experience.

The trio is currently touring the west in a veggie oil powered school bus. Be sure to check them out when they return to Denver as the scene and music they bring is one that shouldn't be missed.

Thanks to Concerted Effort for chronicling the Shakedown event and to PORTALS for showing me a thing or two...or three or four.

Set List:

You Me and Apollo – a pearl
Petal of Spain – lady luck
Mesita – here for you
Chain Gang of 1974

Cerulean – future wind
Obeah – one hand washes the other
VU – left to fit right in

The Fogcutters – it’s my world
2045 AD – the ultra boyz
Dirty Few -  oh yeah oh no
Cells – don’t change your mind

16 horsepower – Low Estate
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – cranston
Two Tone Wolf Pack – dead man hanging
Across Tundras – dark flower of the prarie

Skully Mammoth – untitled

Git Some – loose control
Warlock pinchers – friends forever anthem 5
Picture Plane –slow it up
Amazing Larry – i don’t even care

Flashbulb Fires – cult life

young pharaohs perform live 
Twine – piano
The Very Hush Hush – washing song
Fevrier – leo sunshine
Ankylosaurus – sweets

Lil Slugger – “O History” premiere track

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Outfit a Denver rock band. I can't get "Strange Bones" out of muh head. Listen to Broken West Wishbone Test and stay tuned for a new EP that just began tracking! Until then listen to the Shakedown performance THE OUTFIT PLAYS .... and then listen to ERIC RJ MIKE & MIKAEL talk about the Philippines, obscure Denver venues, and throwing water balloons with The Knew. But really, listen to Broken West Wishbone Test. 

Correction - Carbon Choir was actually my first guest. Mad love to them and listen to their new EP, Sakhalin.

Set List:

Holophrase – “Alligatron”  (July 6th on the Local Shakedown)
BLKHRTS – “The Water”
The Food Chain – “Basically”
Rebel Tongue – “Tell Them Why”
Otem Rellik – “Empty Coffins”
Suffix Punch – “In Vision Double Vocals”
Black Dots – “Everybody’s Got One”
Ideal Fathers – “Not an Exit Strategy
Safe Boating is No Accident – “Tyler Durden Has A Facebook Page”
Sun Red – “Terrorform”
The Ammends – “More to Give”
Breezy Porticos – “Vitchy Sun”
Kitty Crimes – “Grades ft DJ This and That and the Other”
Young Pharaohs – “Balcony”  (June 28th on the LS) 
Protosonic – “Element”
Anna Smith – “Beyond the Ridge” 

a 2 MP camera phone's version of RJ drumming with the jewel cases 

Friday, June 15, 2012


FLASHLIGHTS makes electro-pop dance music. They have been billed with acts such as Youth Lagoon, Toro Y Moi, & Miami Horror and played festivals such as SXSW, Westword, UMS, Goldrush, CMJ, Goldrush, Snowball, & Treefort.

They bounce and move while making the beats that will do the same to you. They also put on light shows. Listen to this sweet little phone interview and find out what smell Ethan of FLASHLIGHTS would deliver to his audience.


Set List:

1       Tantric Picasso - “Make Your Love Bigger”   
2.     Faceman-  “High Gear”
3.     Foam bullets – “it’s gotta end”
4.     Born in the flood – if this thing should spill

1.     elway – “wolf shirt”
2.     overcasters – “storm of crows”
3.     rowboat – devil and dust
4.     the congress – “distance”

1.     mancub – “grace”
2.     men in burka – “khanga”
3.     Fevrier – “something perfect”
4.     Laylights – “highwires”

1.     the pretty sure – "hot sass"
2.     wentworth kersey –“ears burn“
3.     glowing house – “trouble”
4.      tom hagerman – the comedy

1.     16 horsepower – “american wheezer”
2.     air dubai – “love in retrograde”
3.     tarantella – tarentella della morte”
4.     cowgirl radio - “ties that bind”
5.     across tundras –dark flower of the prairie

    FLASHLIGHTS - Closer To Midnight EP 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Glowing House

Glowing House makes folk music for everyone. Listen and try not to get excited during "Taming Lions". The LP was recorded in a church with additional players from Devotchka, Air Dubai, and Gregory Alan Isakov! It's good, it's local, LISTEN NOW to the live on-air performance and interview and learn what "Taming Lions" is all about.

but wait, there's more....

Jeff Cormack of Boulder's South of France stopped by to talk about his band's upcoming LP and tour. Find out why Jeff has blues in his pop, thoughts on being a producer vs musician, and how your band can get buzz without playing a single local show.  


Friday, June 1, 2012

Patrick Dethlefs Part 2

Patrick Dethlefs makes music he shouldn't be experienced enough to make. His new LP Fall + Rise is everything you want from a singer-songwriter - his words, voice, and musicians accompanying them couldn't get much better, yet the transformation from 2010's Stays the Same shows Patrick is not about to settle in his already above average songwriting. Fall + Rise is the next installment to the future of a long collection of work from a brilliant artist. The album is here and how about the beautiful watercolor on the cover by Paperbird's Paul DeHaven?  I still want a poster... 


Set List:

A Mouthful of Thunder – “All My Blood”
We Are Not A Glum Lot – “This One Battle” 
The Maykit – “Completely Over and Over”
Landlord Land
Bear Antler – “Take Long”
Warhawk – “Flamethrower”
A Shoreline Dream -  “Focus the Present Before the Present”
All Capitals – “Apocalips”
Soapy Argyle – “Then I’d be Happy”
Bare Bones – “A Halo & the Devil’s Laugh”
Reviving Cecilia – “Silence in Sound”
Mosey West – “In Tune” 
Mr. Pacman – “No Ghosts”
Patrick Lee – “Southern Lights”
Allout Helter – “An Hour Made for Arson” 
Deadlock Frequency – “Angels Never Answer”

Hindershot, Fiction is Fun, Nathaniel Rateliff, Fairchildren