Friday, June 15, 2012


FLASHLIGHTS makes electro-pop dance music. They have been billed with acts such as Youth Lagoon, Toro Y Moi, & Miami Horror and played festivals such as SXSW, Westword, UMS, Goldrush, CMJ, Goldrush, Snowball, & Treefort.

They bounce and move while making the beats that will do the same to you. They also put on light shows. Listen to this sweet little phone interview and find out what smell Ethan of FLASHLIGHTS would deliver to his audience.


Set List:

1       Tantric Picasso - “Make Your Love Bigger”   
2.     Faceman-  “High Gear”
3.     Foam bullets – “it’s gotta end”
4.     Born in the flood – if this thing should spill

1.     elway – “wolf shirt”
2.     overcasters – “storm of crows”
3.     rowboat – devil and dust
4.     the congress – “distance”

1.     mancub – “grace”
2.     men in burka – “khanga”
3.     Fevrier – “something perfect”
4.     Laylights – “highwires”

1.     the pretty sure – "hot sass"
2.     wentworth kersey –“ears burn“
3.     glowing house – “trouble”
4.      tom hagerman – the comedy

1.     16 horsepower – “american wheezer”
2.     air dubai – “love in retrograde”
3.     tarantella – tarentella della morte”
4.     cowgirl radio - “ties that bind”
5.     across tundras –dark flower of the prairie

    FLASHLIGHTS - Closer To Midnight EP 

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