Friday, June 22, 2012

The Outfit a Denver rock band. I can't get "Strange Bones" out of muh head. Listen to Broken West Wishbone Test and stay tuned for a new EP that just began tracking! Until then listen to the Shakedown performance THE OUTFIT PLAYS .... and then listen to ERIC RJ MIKE & MIKAEL talk about the Philippines, obscure Denver venues, and throwing water balloons with The Knew. But really, listen to Broken West Wishbone Test. 

Correction - Carbon Choir was actually my first guest. Mad love to them and listen to their new EP, Sakhalin.

Set List:

Holophrase – “Alligatron”  (July 6th on the Local Shakedown)
BLKHRTS – “The Water”
The Food Chain – “Basically”
Rebel Tongue – “Tell Them Why”
Otem Rellik – “Empty Coffins”
Suffix Punch – “In Vision Double Vocals”
Black Dots – “Everybody’s Got One”
Ideal Fathers – “Not an Exit Strategy
Safe Boating is No Accident – “Tyler Durden Has A Facebook Page”
Sun Red – “Terrorform”
The Ammends – “More to Give”
Breezy Porticos – “Vitchy Sun”
Kitty Crimes – “Grades ft DJ This and That and the Other”
Young Pharaohs – “Balcony”  (June 28th on the LS) 
Protosonic – “Element”
Anna Smith – “Beyond the Ridge” 

a 2 MP camera phone's version of RJ drumming with the jewel cases 

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