Friday, June 1, 2012

Patrick Dethlefs Part 2

Patrick Dethlefs makes music he shouldn't be experienced enough to make. His new LP Fall + Rise is everything you want from a singer-songwriter - his words, voice, and musicians accompanying them couldn't get much better, yet the transformation from 2010's Stays the Same shows Patrick is not about to settle in his already above average songwriting. Fall + Rise is the next installment to the future of a long collection of work from a brilliant artist. The album is here and how about the beautiful watercolor on the cover by Paperbird's Paul DeHaven?  I still want a poster... 


Set List:

A Mouthful of Thunder – “All My Blood”
We Are Not A Glum Lot – “This One Battle” 
The Maykit – “Completely Over and Over”
Landlord Land
Bear Antler – “Take Long”
Warhawk – “Flamethrower”
A Shoreline Dream -  “Focus the Present Before the Present”
All Capitals – “Apocalips”
Soapy Argyle – “Then I’d be Happy”
Bare Bones – “A Halo & the Devil’s Laugh”
Reviving Cecilia – “Silence in Sound”
Mosey West – “In Tune” 
Mr. Pacman – “No Ghosts”
Patrick Lee – “Southern Lights”
Allout Helter – “An Hour Made for Arson” 
Deadlock Frequency – “Angels Never Answer”

Hindershot, Fiction is Fun, Nathaniel Rateliff, Fairchildren 

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