Friday, May 25, 2012

In The Whale

Listen to In The Whale's performance and interview ...


Set List: 

The Knew – “Major Nights
The Don’ts and Be Carefuls – “Seventeen”
The Epilogues – “Future Box”
Kal Cahoone – “Winter’s Womb”

Tom Hagerman – “ The Night Cap”
Jesse Manley – “Devil’s Red”
Married in Berdichev – “Light comes”
Johnny Woodrose and the Broken-Hearted Woodpeckers – “Chumps”
Boonie and the Beard – “Lighten Up”

Signal Path
C.P. Carrington – “New Year”
Dualistics – “Only Way to Stay”
Paean – “Honey Where’ve You Been?”

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – “Hastily”
Glowing House – “Taming Lions”
The Morning Clouds – “Ends”
Clouds and Mountains – “Backyard” 

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