Friday, November 30, 2012


Other than being one of the nicest groups of people I have encountered on the Shakedown, Denver's Varlet has more than a few things going for them.

First, Lilly Scott is one commanding songwriter and vocalist. With a set of distinguishable and powerful pipes she stomps on a wooden platform while performing and it is hard to look/listen away.

Second, her band mates play on a shit ton of gear that make up a sound that, when I first heard them live, thought it was prerecorded.

Third, there is really no point attaching genres to this group. They manage to blend it all into this:

Set List:

War Over Water - Lubbock
Monroe Monroe- The Salesman
The Emirs – The Shining Motor City (on the hill)
The Minders – Chatty Patty
Everything Absent or distorted – The Exit Parade
Black Black Ocean – Sigmund City
The Yawpers -  Rock Bottom 
200 Million Years - No Good News
The Maykit - East and West
Grant Sabin - Dreaming
The Gromet - Skip Your Stone
Goodbye Timebomb - What I Like Doing With My Time
Broken Tongues - Does Hip Hop Remember the Jazz 

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