Friday, October 5, 2012

Bop Skizzum

Although this style of pop music is not normally featured on the Local Shakedown, Bop Skizzum is without a doubt loved by many in Colorado and we wanted to catch up with the band and talk about their music that at the end of the day puts a smile on your face and makes you dance.

Andy, Julie, and SF1 perform stripped down versions of songs from their new LP Coloradical and talks about their success, style, and what "Coloradical" means to them.


Set list: 

Youthandageia -  Molar
The Perry Weissman 3 – Hale- Bopp – A – Go-Go
Breezy Porticos -  Perfect Day (For a Yard Sale)
Marty Jones and His Pork Boilin Po Boys – Too Much Talk (Too Little Drinkin’)

The Outfit -  Washed Out
Sarina Simoom – To See Beauty
Mega Gem – Don’t Call Me Romantic
Rivulets – Past Life

ScaTTer GaTHer – The Devil Returns
Spell – Dixie
Marbles – Laughing

Lizzie Hoffman –
Elephant Revival – Go On
Fair Children – Garden Gate
Mariposa – Oil Spills

Landlines – Wreckage  
BoyHollow –
Tjutjuna – Desert Song
Fingers of the Sun – Close Your Eyes

Hearts in Space – Feel the Waves
Mariposa – Oil Spills 

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