Friday, October 12, 2012

Instant Empire

This photo of Instant Empire makes it pretty difficult to think the band would be anything other than awesome. This summer they were featured in CMJ for their EP Heavy Hollow and can be found playing all over Denver (October 26th, Walnut Room - GO!). "Counting Backwards" is a hell of a song. Stream their performance and interview here. I REALLY LOVE THIS TOWN (and this band)

aaaand thanks to Oliver, Emmy, and Mia of the the band MegaGem for spending the first hour with us. Pick a household chore or drive to Denver while listening to this LP gem. Look at that artwork! The music is just as high of quality. Also, Mia is only 7 and the youngest guest ever on the Local Shakedown! Listen to us chat and hear songs from the album cause MEGAGEM IS THE COOLEST and check out a (partial) set list:

16 HorsePower – Prayering Arm Lane
Tin Tin – Holiday Misfortune
MegaGem – Onions
Pee-Pee Jaroline
Summer Salt – The Sun
Mega G - Don’t Call Me Romantic
Princess Music – White
Meg Gema - Mia’s Singalong
Horse Lattitudes - Wild Ballon 
MegaGem - Puddles 
Summer Salt  Heart Races 
Megagem - Creepy Fingers
EL Toro de la Muerte - Dancer 

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