Friday, September 21, 2012

Becca C. and Kate S.

I took the afternoon off to celebrate Amanda Fucking Palmer's arrival to Denver. Becca (host of Folk Yeah! and DJs M,W at 2pm) and Kate (Tuesdays 4-6pm) subbed my show. 

Here is their beautiful set list:

Gluons with Allen Ginsberg - Birdbrain - Local Anesthetic

Pictureplane - Slit Red Bird Throat - Slit Red Bird Throat
Fell - A Farewell to Echoes - A Farewell to Echoes
American Relay - Corn and Oil - Begin
Git Some - Loose Control - A Not So Subtle Reminder
FLASHLIGHTS - FLASHLIGHTS & Force Publique BPG Split Series Vol. 1 - New Hampshire
Tin Tin - S/T - Holiday Misfortune

Force Publique - FLASHLIGHTS & Force Publique BPG Split Series Vol. 1 - Distorted
and Thin
Navy Girls - Navy Girls - On The Beach
The Maybellines - A La Carte - Autumn, September
Prololo - Clinton and Elva - What Would This Be For?

TheSaurus - Fly - Kids Gather Round
StaG - Summerfoot Single
Ralph Gean - Electricity - A Star Unborn

You, Me and Apollo - The Devil Inside - Cards with Cheats
The Swayback - Waiting for my Man (The Velvet Underground cover) - Long Gone Lads
Caddywhompus - The Weight - The Weight

Dressy Bessy - Jenny Come On - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons
Hindershot - Forlough - Curse Us All
Laura Goldhamer and the Silvernail - Fall Often

The Symptoms - Rock/Paper/Scissors - Middle Finger Romance
Gauntlet Hair - Lights Out - S/T
The Fogcutters - It’s My World - Psychedelic States: Colorado in the 60’s
Flashbulb Fires - Sleep Money Dawn - Glory
Tennis - Petition - Young and Old

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