Friday, October 25, 2013

Tom Murphy and Mike King Co-Host

A million thanks to Tom (Westword) and Mike (The Outfit) for bringing their records, local music knowledge, superior taste, and kindness to the station to help me DJ fall pledge drive. You both are an inspiration and *weep* lots of love to you both!

Check out the set list:

Twice Wilted - Brighter 
 Waterbabys - Binary Birds
 Waterbear - track 1
Genessier - Rockstars
 Catatonic Lydia - The Jerk
 Red Cloud West - Coonskin Cap
 Bucks Experiment - Trainwreck 
 Colfax Speed Queen - Fiends in the Night
 Scatter Gather - Fears
 The Kissing Party - I Live with the Mystery
 The Outfit - Twos and Threes
 Safe Boating is o Accident -
 Hot IQs - Hungry Hungry Hypo
 Constellations - Necrogeister
 Snake Mountain - Zombie Beach
 Widowers - Pacific Hit
 Four - United Pansies of America 
 Bright Channel - Witness
The Geds
 Pythian Whispers 
 Monofog - Black Lung
 Time -
Varlet - American Hymns 

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  1. ♥ Catatonic Lydia