Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soon to Come

Apologies for the delay in audio. Your patience is so very appreciated and soon to come are performances by Anna Smith of Ancient Elk, Indigenous Robot, Glowing House, The Other Black, Monocle Stache, and And The Black Feathers, Wild High, Mike Clark, Turner Jackson, Talk All Night, Joshua Trinidad

Until then here are some set lists and keep checking the line up page for January and February guests!


Action Packed Thrill Ride – 2 Dreams
Acrobat Down - 1998
Instant Empire – Blue Spruce
Turner Jackson – Love you World

Town without a name – red cloud
Spirits of the Red City – lead us
Natalie Tate – chased by the sun
The Go Betweens – poison in the walls

Abandin Pictures – Color Wheels
Rossonian – Love Clutch
Kings of Space – Charioteer
FamilyMen – Emerson   - soda jerk

Kalamath Brothers – Only Son
Confluence – Awaiting
Sole – The Year of the Sexx Symbol
Felt Pilotes – Never Satisfied

The Love Letter Band – Im Gonna Drink All Day
CougarPants – Scratch That, Factory
The Rollerball featuring Dang Head

On the Wagon EP Iggy Igloo and the Penguins
Natural Anthem by the Ding Dong Tribe
Rewards  – Asleep with the Lights On 


Ark Life – You’re with Me
Varlet – The Nod  
Saw Mill Joe – Good Morning, Bartender
The Kinky Fingers – Lonesome

Abe Abraham – Fall for You
Bearsnail – 30,000 Years
TheSaurus – Next
Baltic –Green Girl – all 15
Janet Feder – Heart Beat Faster
Modelo – Copy Circles + Rangutang

.....Science Partner
Water Babys


Widowers – Pacific Hit
Chimney Choir – Poor Boy
Joshua Trinidad – Alone at Sea
Ned Garthe – Got s Soul – catch them tomorrow night at the meadow lark with Fine Gentlemans Club

American Culture – I like American Culture
The Outfit – Projector  from Tough Kids
Fierce Bad Rabbit – Do You Want Me Now?
The Seven Hats- The Wonder of You

Alphabets – 400Yen
Cop Circles + Rangutang – Modelo
a.     tom Collins – Hospital
The Blue Rider – Champagne Problems

Help Me See – Patrick Dethlefs
Kristi Stice – Green Grass
Indigenous Robot – Capture the King
Changing Colors – Good Times

Rose Hill Drive – Laughing in the Streets
Natalie Tate – Waiting for Creek to Rise

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