Friday, October 4, 2013

The Manxx


After many many weeks of no in-studio performances The Local Shakedown was back with a Denver favorite. The Manxx sells out of snappy little 7 inches and knows how to party with the best of 'em. Check them out November 2nd at the Lion's Lair.

Set List: 

Black Amex - Girl in the Dark
Rossonian - Ticklish
The Knew - What's Hip / Word War Ay Ay Ay (Alright)
SPELLS - Forget About Virginia 
Rubedo - My Oh My 
I SANK MOLLY BROWN - Lazerstains 
Ned Garthe - My Darling 
Thee Dang Dangs - Pieces of You
Indigenous Robot - Ridge Trail
The Royal - Creatures of the Night 
Flashbulb Fires - Unseen Things

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