Friday, July 5, 2013

Little Fyodor


If you don't get Little Fyodor then you just don't get IT. His records fill the 1190 stacks from years back and ARE the underground."More punk than the punks" Little Fyodor sings about things most people are afraid to talk about and what most people can't handle as truth....whatever THAT means.

The interview is extra LOL and we talk private parts, Elephant Six, Death Equinox, walking freak shows, drugs, the sun blowing up, and the new tribute record. 

Set List:

Soup in a Box - Let's Act Infantile 
the Lollygags - Christian Laytner
Spells - Slice Away 
Achille Lauro - Hand Of Sand
Accordian Crimes - Potshots
Raven and the Writing Desk - Cutting the Line 
Will Daniels - Greg Kinnear's Left Limbs
Itchy-O - Orange Devil
IL Daniels - March First 
We Are Erased - Montezuma's Revenge 
LAMA LIVE - Blue & White Yankee

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