Friday, July 13, 2012


More photos of the band from this photographer. 

I feel like the photograph is enough to lure you in to the awesomeness that is Denver's Rubedo. Emotional, raw, dynamic rock with noise and power that will force a smile on your face while you watch this exceptional trio make music that also "brings a sense of enlightenment into reality". Alchemy on stage. Listen to the live performance featuring songs from  MASSA CONFUSA and check out the INTERVIEW that was accompanied by cupcakes.

Set list:

Sara Century – i love you lightening bug
Amazing Twin – gray to have eyes
Hindershot – rain fall
Carter Cola – ouroboros street

The Haunted Windchimes – little box
Chimney Choir – ace of spades
Two Tone Wolf Pack – Super Market 9-5
Poet’s Row – exquisite corpse
Samurai Buck – director’s cut

Prime Element – truth
The Minders – chatty patty
The Babysitters –
Local 33 – Blue Collar Work Day 

Panal S.A. De C.V. - you knew I was a snake
Speed Wolf – ride with death
Dirty Few – outta control
Crispus Attucks – one, two, three…die
StaG – summerfoot

Sauna -  beachball
Night of Joy – john candy
Laura Goldhammer – mr T
Tin Horn Prayer  - fighting sleep 

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