Friday, December 14, 2012

Land Lines

One of my favorites, I was extra excited for this performance (one that is completely unique to the record or prior performances!). Denver's Land Lines recently put out an LP and it is worth dozens n dozens of plays. Check it out here.

Cellos, vocals, drums....superior song crafting and mood setting. If I was a better writer I could tell you what it felt like in the 1190 station after Land Lines finished their set. It was some kind of magical / the best of feelings that only happens after something truly special happens.

Listen to their performance and interview and go to their record release show January 5th and the Mercury Cafe!


Set List:

Dirty Few - You Want Me
Love Me Destroyer - California Car, Colorado Car
Jonathan Alonzo - Coming Home for the Holiday
Thrifty Astronaut - Television Special
Rachael Pollard - Believe It or Not
The Broken Spoke - Talk of the Town
Breakfastes - Ageless
Neptune's Only Daughter - Auto Electric
Echo Beds - Totalitarian Guillotine
Force Publique - Ache
Candy Claws - Warm Forest Floor
Itchy-O - Orange Devil
Signal Path - Peso
Esme Patterson - Jessica

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