Friday, August 10, 2012

The Knew

Please, quickly become acquainted with The Knew. Denver is familiar and flocks to their high-enery, raucous live shows. AMC's Breaking Bad and Xbox 360 know their studio recordings are just as desirable.

The 2010 release, Pulperia received praise, but vocalist and guitarist Jacob Hansen says the new LP Man Monster (due out August 24th) will significantly blow the other away.

Go rock and buy vinyl August 24 and 25th at Lions Lair. (check out the sweet deals here).

Listen to The Knew's Shakedown PERFORMANCE and keep streaming to hear Jacob and Tyler DJ the rest of the show!

Set List:

Pacific Pride – virginia
The Astronauts – baja
Hello Kavita – sundy (it’s a chrome tide)
The Don’ts and Be Carefuls

The Gamits – falling apart
Patrick Lee – belted kingfisher and victory
The Black Apples – where the wild things go

Arliss Nancy – pages
The Omens – you can’t come on
Transistors – the rock n roll and baseball
Dirty few – outta control

You Me and Apollo
The Babysiters – gigantic sugnlasses
Speedwolf –
American Rely – curtain call
Tin Horn Prayer – stumble
Girls walk by – 57 lashes

Stab Heart Kiss Kill –
PANAL – you knew I was a snake
Mr Pacman - 

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