Friday, March 2, 2012

march 2nd

Mr. Anonymous - "Space Man"
In the Whale - "34-28-32"
A Tom Collins - "Pants Off Dance Off"
The Czars - "Side Effect"

Dechen Hawk tracks!!!

ManCub - "Sound"
Le Divorce - "6 Feet Under"
Lily Rose and Thorns - "Fun"

Churchill - "Change"
Sauna - "Wanting You"
Baltic - "Easter Island"
Swayback - "What Death Cares About"

Pictureplane - "Touching Transform" (Hollagramz Remix)
Flashlights - "Apple Trees"
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Wade in the Water"
Bad Weather California - "Get a Grip"

Petals of Spain - "Lady Luck"
The Raven and the Writing Desk - "Wooden Lover"
Robin Walker - "Bar Crawl"
The Maybellines - "Stupid Love"

Git Some - "A Not So Subtle Reminder"
Radio Pete "(Just a) Patsy"
Cells - "Don't Change Your Mind"
Vampires Killed Our Parents - "Six Months to Live"

Thanks to Co Hosts Dechen Hawk and Mirco Altenbach for bringing by some soulful tracks and chatting with me - was fun.

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