Friday, March 16, 2012

Matt Nasi Band

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Set list:

Hearts in Space - "Hole Me Over"
Fingers of the Sun - "The Leaves Were So Green"
Couger Pants - "They Never"
Manxx - "Messin' Around"

The Don'ts & be Carefuls - "Sun Hits"
Swayback - "St. Francis"
The Big Motif - "Doesn't it Weight Heavy"
Amazing Twin

Fierce Bad Rabbit - "You"
Achille Lauro - "Low Cha Cha"
Izcalli - "Horsie Song"
Woodsman - "View from the Vision Hand"

Glass Homes - "Waiting"
The Photo Atlas - "Move it Darling"
Accordion Crimes
Elway - "Passing Day"

Czars- "This"
Carmen Sandim Sextet - "Sampa"

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