Friday, March 30, 2012

Eye & the Arrow

Although this blog entry has no visuals, Eye & the Arrow is a Denver band to watch...closely!

After experiencing live shows and listening to this EP on repeat I still can't figure out what makes this trio work so well. Perhaps its Paul's fresh yet familiar melodies meshed with a drumming style only Mark can claim. The rhythm exchanges between all (Jason on bass!) happen rather unexpectedly. The final song of the set "Stutter Beat" is a good example of uncatchable rhythms and swirling notes that make for moments of uncertainty of where it all might land. But it does, gracefully, leaving you wanting another go around.


Set List:

Bad Weather California - "I Feel Like Dancing"
Science Partner - "Animal"
Fingers of the Sun - "Goodbye Summer"
Land Lines - "Near Year" Live @ Larimer Lounge

John Common & Blinding Flashes of Ligh - "Go to Hell (with me)"
Dressy Bessy - "Just One More"
The Outfit - "Intro" and "Strange Bones"
M and the Gem Stars - "Shrine"

Hindershot - "It's Only Blood"
The Centennial - "You Don't Get to Say"
Glass Hits - "Delirium Heights"
Jay J Mattot & the Arctic - "Night Birds" and "Morning Sun"

Patrick Dethlefs
The Devil Whale
Princess Music
Bad Weather California

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