Friday, February 24, 2012


Boulder's FreeBear!!! Just Listen.

Catch them live every Thursday at The Sink

Danny Meyer (Sax)
Stephen Thurston (Keys)
Alejandro Castano (Drums)
Patrick McDevitt (Bass)
sorry no photo patrick!

Thanks again to Nate Cook of The Yawpers for stopping by for a chat. Check out their upcoming world record attempt at most performances in record stores on Record Store Day April 21st.

set list:

Hindershot - "Rain Fare"
The Yawpers - "Worthless" & "Jesus Car"
Kyle James Hauser - "Oh oh"
Hearts in Space - "Feel the Waves"
Glow House - "Taming Lions"
d. biddle - "Laughter"
Colfax Speed Queen - "My Nemesis Me"
The Raven and the Writing Desk - "Tiny Terrors"
Bela Karoli - "Snow"
Whisky Blanket - "Leopards in the Sky"
Kissing Party - "The Heart of It"

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