Friday, February 10, 2012

Achille Lauro

Achille Lauro's Luke Mossman (guitar, keys) and Jon Evans (bass) stopped by the Local Shakedown yesterday before their packed show at the Hi-Dive. The new album Flight or Flight (yes, that's two flights) is out and available on CD, mp3, and vinyl.

The record is fluid, catchy, and polished and after hitting up the Hi-Dive last night their live performances are of the same quality. Lead vocalist Matt Close's stage presence is captivating and quirky - there is something that set his vocals apart from other indie/pop/alt rockers. His voice moves fast with control and effortlessness. Mossman and Evans demand the same attention with a consistent rhythmic drive that rocks hard and kept the audience moving. Trumpets skillfully blasted on select tunes that added to the high energy of the crowd - a scene full of fans that gave off friendly vibes, appreciative of the music being made. Don't miss the next time Achille Lauro takes the stage, they are in the batch of Denver's finest.

Set list from 2/10 's Local Shakedown featuring guest DJs Luke and Jon!

Achille Lauro - "Lightning" "Thing about Sauza" "Cold Snap" and "Low Cha Cha" featured from the new album Flight or Flight

Luke and Jon's set:
Vitamins - "Fear of Rattles"
Hindershot - "Curse Us All"
Science Partner - "Animal"
Samurai Buck - "We Can Play Too"

Paper Bird - "Lullaby"
Eye & the Arrow - "Sheep and Goats"
Patrick Dethlefs - "Let's G0"
Ramaya Soskin - "All in Good Time" (Local Shakedown Appearance Next Week!)

Overcaster - "Way of the World"
Rabbit is a Sphere
Nathaniel Rateliff - "Boil & Fight"
Elephant Revival - "Drop"

TAUNTAUN - "Fear Not the Beast Within"
Git Some - "Loose Control"
Lion Sized - "Hey Proletariat"
Speedwolf - "Speedwolf"

Veronica - "I'm in Trouble"
Matt Nasi Band - "Curtains"
Otis Taylor - "Rosa Rosa"

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