Friday, February 3, 2012

Le Divorce

Snow couldn’t keep Le Divorce from the 1190 studio Friday for the band's second appearance on The Local Shakedown. Distorted guitar driven, punk-grunge-alt rock fronted by Kitty Vincent's direct and smoky vocals make for a sound that is buzzing around Denver’s indie scene. Their new ep, the sting and the light, is out tonight along with a show at the high-dive! Don't miss out on what this band is cooking up and dishing out - and as I learned in our interview, this includes the help of a garlic press, toaster oven, and a single chopstick. Stream Below!

Set List: 

Patrick Porter - "Standing in the Snow"
Varlet - "Eastern"
Kalamath Brothers - "Raven"
Mosey West - "Lonesome River"
La Donnas - "I Want You"
16 Horsepower - "Wayfaring Stranger"
Ian Cooke - "Trading Places"
Men In Burka - untitled
Sing Tung - "Monster"
Cowboy Curse - "Crushed"
Everything Absent or Distorted - "Still Live with a Machine Gun"
Man Cub -"Summer Rain"
Photo Atlas - "You Haven't Read Enough"
Flashbulb Fires - "Serious Way"

...and others

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